About Rashal Dàvid

 About Rashal Dàvid

Rashal Dàvid is an avid reader, published poet, author, technical writer, and caregiver.


“What I love most about writing is the travel. I love taking readers on the journey. The journey can be from confusion on a subject to knowledge of said subject. The journey can be from sadness to happiness or laughter. Or it can be from loneliness to love. It doesn’t matter where my reader is. I just want to take them on a trip. And it’s always fun to journey with them. Who wouldn’t want to do that?” – Rashal Dàvid


She certainly is not the same young girl whose second grade teacher said, “You’re a good reader,” while also writing “Needs to read more for pleasure” on her report card. Her interest in reading and writing still amuses her father who periodically pulls the report card out and says, “You sure have changed!”


Her first memory of writing (I mean, really writing) was an attempt at writing her own episode of Good Times™ with the intent of recruiting neighborhood children for their very own performance. She was still an only child in grade school at the time with nothing to do because all the neighborhood children and their families were taking naps. She sat on the step outside her family home and began writing her very own episode. She eventually let the tailgate down on her father’s pickup truck and sat in the bed so she could have more “space” to create. Once the episode was complete, she cut each character’s part out creating a lot of strips of paper. She would hand these out to the participants later.


Sadly, the performance was not meant to be. Eager to leave the house with her father who left to run an errand, she hurriedly jumped into the cab of the brown pickup truck with him and failed to remove the small strips of paper with everyone’s lines from her very own episode from the bed of the truck. Her eyes widened in horror when her father asked what all the paper was flying out of the bed of his truck as he picked up speed after exiting the neighborhood. While this experience was heartbreaking, there were definitely lessons learned from it. Check out the “First Lessons” blog post for more details.