And so it begins… again.

© 9/11/2023 by Rashal Dàvid

His letter came this week.
Though, not a surprise, I still got weak.
The page required acknowledgment, acceptance.
Faith, trust and belief, no straddling the fence.
There’s a bit of relief – the process has started.
But, there’s also sadness – the process has started.
Why is there a need for a process at all?
Is it that last time I didn’t heed a call?
Is his suffering caused by MY missed lesson?
Am I bringing him grief rather than blessings?
I care, but I’m a fixer – no time for compassion.
Is this really MY lesson, because in me compassion is lacking?
I wonder if he sees my concern. I worry every day.
There’s not one specific emotion. It’s sort of an array.
I knew this letter was coming – things were heading this way.
Maybe I hoped we’d be blessed with a delay.
The current stand-in is tired.
I blame COVID for how quickly it expired.
They say the coronavirus has caused this a lot.
I swear, I wish I could personally eradicate it on the spot.
Indiscriminately coming for those who have fought and won.
Saying to them their fight for normalcy is not done.
But we know who has us, so we’re keeping our head to the sun.
The process has started – the journey to a kidney transplant has begun.

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